Hello! My name is Mike Chambers and I’m a Colorado-based mountain athlete and social entrepreneur. I’m the husband of a really cool woman named Leila de Bruyne, and the father of a really sweet boy named Max. I’m incredibly fortunate to have carved out a career that balances my passion for exploring mountain environments with my commitment to building a more equitable world through education. Over the years I’ve led dozens of high-altitude climbing expeditions, including two on Mt. Everest, and continue to pursue rigorous mountain experiences that foster personal growth and reflection. Additionally, I’m the cofounder of two global education organizations; Flying Kites, a leadership academy for critically poor children in rural Kenya, and Summits Education, a network of 41 primary schools in Haiti's Central Plateau serving nearly 10,000 students. Lastly, I’m the creator and co-host of Beat Monday on Outside TV, an adventure travel show designed to reimagine the possibilities of the weekend.