5 Safari Essentials


The time has come for your classic African Safari. You've booked your trip, watched Out of Africa, and took out a second mortgage to pay for your travel shots, now what are you going to pack? Here are five safari-savy items that you cannot go without

1. Luggage

You can leave your wheelie-bags at home, most domestic airlines in East Africa require duffel-style suitcases. Sure you can buy a cheap duffel from your local thrift, but why not buy one that will not only last but get better with age? Like a good glass of scotch, the Delux Adventurer by Sandstorm Kenya will only get more interesting as the years pass. 

Tan Canvas & Leather - Deluxe Adventurer.jpg

2. Camera

Let's be honest, you're not a professional photographer. The good thing is, unlike a pro-photog, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment to get some amazing shots. The key to safari photography is a  long-zoom lens. Combine an entry level DSLR camera with a lens of 300mm or longer and you may just find that people are genuinely interested in seeing your safari photos. Don't forget to bring some extra batteries and memory cards.


3. Binoculars

Perhaps even more important than a good camera is a good pair of binoculars. Gone with the days of bulky, full-sized nocs, while they may offer more clarity at longer distances they are just not practical for traveling. Plus, you'll be surprised how close you can get to the animals while sitting in your pop-top Land Rover. The Steiner Safari Pro (8x22) are the perfect mix of quality and compactibilty; they're everything you need.  


4. iPad

I know, I know, you're going on safari to get away from all-things "i" but let's be realistic; you will have plenty of down time so why not bring a lightweight, one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Download a few safari guides, a good book and maybe a movie or two, you'll thank us later. And don't forget to pick up a plug converter!


5. Lightweight Down Jacket

Comfort is key. Temperatures in the bush change drastically; one moment your cursing the sun and the next your longing for it. A lightweight down jacket is a must-have, and this MicroTherm™ StormRepel® Down Field Jacket by Eddie Bauer is the perfect combination of style and comfort. 


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