"Minuteman" Rodeo

On Tuesday morning I drove up to Princeton, MA for a little multi-sport link-up of Wachusett and Monadnock, we'll call it the "Minuteman" Rodeo. A "Rodeo" is a term I came up with a few years ago that is defined as "an adventure that requires heavy doses of creativity and socially-acceptable levels of competency in multiple outdoor activities." See Orizaba Rodeo

It turned out to be a super fun day that I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys buffet-style outings. Here is the recipe. Bon apetit!

Part 1: Run up Wachusett Mountain via Summit loop Trail (4.9 miles, 1151ft)
Part 2: Bike from Wachusett to Mt. Monadnock (32 miles, 1800ft)
Part 3: Run up Mt. Monadnock via Birchtoft to Red Spot Trail (7 miles, 2000ft)
Part 4: Bike from Mt. Monadnock back to Wachusett (32 miles, 1300ft)

Total run: 11.9 miles, 3151ft
Total bike: 64 miles, 3100ft
Total time: 6:26:20
See splits here

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