Aconcagua. Check.

After two weeks on the windy and cold pile of rocks that is Aconcagua, six members of our team, lead by 4-time Everest summiteer Mike Hamill, stood atop the highest point on Earth outside the Himalayan Range.

Here are some pics from our journey. Enjoy!

The first sighting on the approach.

"Moonset" in Guanacos Valley

Beasts of Burden, storming towards Plaza Argentina (base camp)

A windy carry to Camp 2.

Camp 2 (17,000ft) towards the summit.

A storm rolls in at Camp 2.

A fitting song for High Camp.

"If you can’t duct it then….?"

The Andes from 22,000ft after a long traverse towards the summit.

Standing on the summit with the famous Aconcagua cross.

Good ol’ Larries!

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