After a beautiful climb of Lobuche we returned to Everest Base Camp on Tuesday to disappointing news about the Boston Marathon. It’s difficult to get news up here and impossible to distinguish between rumor and fact but painfully we put the pieces together. Being the only person from the Boston area I think it hit me harder than most and I was crippled with a sense of longing.. Longing for my family, my beautiful fiancé, my dogs, my college friends, everything that I think of when I hear of Boston. Making matters worse was the fact that we’ve had a considerable amount of downtime over the past few days; time for the mind to wander. Why is it that it takes an incident like this for us to be reminded of the important things in life? For the past few days my mind has been thousands of miles away from Mt. Everest in a cozy family room 45 minutes south of Boston. But it can’t stay there; tomorrow we leave Base Camp for our first rotation on Everest and now it’s time to get refocused.

Rotation number one will take us through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp One (19,000ft) where we’ll spend two nights before heading to Camp Two (22,000ft) for another two nights. After which we’ll return to Base Camp to rest and recover for a few days before heading up on our second rotation. The purpose of these rotations is to gradually acclimatize our bodies to higher altitude so that we are ready to go for the summit when the weather window permits.

I will check in via audio dispatch at some point over the next few days.

Representing Boston and the Pan-Mass Challenge at the Puja Ceremony

On the summit of Lobuche with Paul

My Base Camp “Palace”

Practicing crevasse crossings at Base Camp

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