Dream Team

Fresh off another incredible week on Kilimanjaro with an all-star team of 11 bad-ass babes and 2 manly men! She threw everything she had at us. We were rained on. We were hailed on. She clawed at our stomachs and tangled our weaves. Ruptured our retinas and annihilated our appetites. Day-in and day-out she whittled at our will. But each obstacle she posed was met with might. We soiled her soil and pushed through the pain. And sure enough, good ol’ Kili didn’t have enough tricks in her trails to stop all fourteen of us from stomping on her summit!

In all seriousness, what an incredible trip! Our team was solid, packed to the punch with mental grit. As far as I am concerned there is no greater quality than perseverance, the ability to set your eyes on a goal and fight like hell until it’s achieved. Our team was brimming with that very trait. And I am so proud of every last one of them.

Mike ChambersComment