First off happy birthday to my beautiful fiancé, Leila de Bruyne!

After a successful camp 2 rotation we returned to Base Camp on Sunday morning and quickly got back into the routine of mass consumption and day-long naps. My rest days look something like this:

6:00AM: Wake-up
6:15AM: Roll-over and go back to sleep
7:45AM: Wake-up
8:00AM: Coffee and Breakfast
8:15AM: Discuss all of the chores you plan to do with my teammates.
8:45AM: Walk back to tent
9:00AM: Fiddle around with gear
9:01AM: Eat candy
9:02AM Nap
11:30AM: Wake-up sweating and out of breath
11:35AM: Say what’s up to my tent neighbor John.
12:00PM: Lunch
12:30PM: Discuss all of the chores you plan to do with my teammates.
12:45PM: Walk back to tent
12:50PM: Contemplate doing laundry
1:00PM: Nap
2:45PM: Wake-up disappointed that it’s only 2:45PM
2:50PM: Eat candy
2:52PM: Open book
2:53PM: Nap
5:00PM: Wake-up freezing cold
5:30PM: Call Leila
6:00PM: Dinner
7:00PM: Bed

As I anticipated, the downtime has been the most difficult part of climbing Mt. Everest thus far. Although I’m sure I’ll be eating those words very, very soon. Tomorrow I’m heading back up the hill for my last rotation before the summit bid. This rotation will take me directly to Camp 2 for two nights, Camp 3 (23,595ft) for one miserable night, and then back to Camp 2 for another night before returning to Base Camp.

Above are some photos from my last rotation: