"Let no one outwork me today"

Everest is right around the corner; it’s starting to seem real. I can see myself on the upper reaches of the mountain. And it feels good. Really good, in fact. 

Thanks to Jason Antin and The Alpine Training Center for this one!

Warmup: 3 rounds of 20x alternating groiners (think mountain climber mobility), 15x back extensions, 10x burpees, mtn mobiilty. 

Training #1* 5 rounds for time of 8x Hang squat cleans @ 1/2 BW, 50x stepups M25#/W15#, 12x WTD situps M35#/W25#. 

Training #2  4 rounds of 10x DB front squats, 10x jumping lunges, 15x hanging knee raises - 5x WTD, 10x unWTD. 

Training #3  1 round of 6x star jumps, 45 sec wallsit, 60x situps, 20 sec core stability. 

Training #4  4 rounds of 4x pushups, 8x pullups on rope, 8x BB push press @ 60% max, 100m run.