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Everest Deserves Respect

Here is a great excerpt from Alan Arnette’s article “Everest Deserves Respect” in Rock and Ice Magazine:

"Over four days in May 2012 around 250 Westerners and 270 Sherpas and Tibetans summited Mount Everest. For many, attaining the highest point on Earth was the culmination of endless training, personal sacrifices and hard work to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling lifelong dream.

Yet it is common within the greater climbing community to bash Everest climbers for using ladders in the Khumbu Icefall, for relaying on bottled oxygen upo higher, for having Sherpas carry their gear, fix their ropes and establish their camps. For many critics on the sidelines, Everest has become a joke. I am disturbed by what I feel is a trend to vilify this great mountain and its climbers, and by the vast amount of misleading information that fuels the fires of controversy.

Fact is, Everest is hard. Damn hard. Strong, experience climbers have dropped dead from the effort or exposure. Pushing above 8,000 meters is like venturing into space. The slightest miscalculation or misstep will kill you. Few climbs in the world are as unforgiving. Everest is a worthy mental and physical challenge and it deserves respect. Anyone who says otherwise has either not climbed it, lacks the courage to reveal their own struggles during the climb, or lacks the objectivity to take honest pride in their achievement….”

See the full article in the October 2012 article of Rock and Ice Magazine.